AboutTakaungu House


Our Homes: An Elegant Coastal family home overlooking the Indian Ocean

There are two houses on the property (Takaungu House and The Private House) - and although the houses are close, they are two separate entities and we hope you will respect the other houses privacy as much as they will respect yours ! Late nights and parties are fun as are boisterous children round the pool at siesta hour, but please do respect each others quiet times.

There are two individual access routes to the beach which means that the other house doesn't have to wander past you when you have just woken up.

The beach is generally a haven of peace and the "cool pool" at the southern end is a safe swimming/wallow area at any stage of the tide and is a perfect pool for aspiring toddler swimmers. The rag coral caves make for great pirate exploration! If you are exploring this end of the beach, do remember to wear rubber shoes.

The water can be quite bumpy at high tide and there are currents. Spring tides are great fun to ride the waves, but are really only suitable for strong swimmers. We recommend children do not swim at spring tides.

High days and holidays and the beach is public property all the village children and many residents come down and it is wiser to retire to the verandah until peace reigns the following morning.

The fishermen have a Banda down on the beach but often leave their possessions with our staff which means a supply of fresh fish. Any problems with the fishermen please refer to Bakari who will talk to the Turtle Conservation Group who are our unofficial guards for the beach.

Security has never been a big issue as we have a good relationship with the village and you will see the houses are hardly burglar proofed. We generally shut the main windows and doors at night to dissuade petty theft. Husseini and Mwalimu the guards are around after dark to keep an eye on things

The Turtle Conservation Group keep an eye during the day but we would suggest not taking any valuables to the beach. Please also be careful not to take towels to the beach a sarong is more than adequate.

Please, be careful and don't leave cash or valuables lying around and lock up any wodge or valuable items in a safe place. There is a small lockable cash box available in each house.


Bakari is the man in charge of pretty much everything and will do his best to keep his girls in line and look after you.

Both he and the girls are competent cooks and should make your stay a pleasure. Please just discuss with him what you want to eat and he will sort things out.

He has a book which he keeps for village purchases and will tell you when he needs money and keep an account.

Some items require a sortie to Kilifi and he can either tell you where to go or come with you to find things. At a pinch he can always get on a bicycle and go and buy things.

You will find all the basics in the village, tea, milk, sugar, eggs, basic fruit such as bananas and mangoes in season, some sodas, ice and margarine. You won't find alcohol, butter, coffee, kerosene, gas or meat - for these items please drive to Kilifi. You should not run out of gas but should you do so, Bakari will advise where to get it in Kilifi.

Please note that fish will be bought up from the sea for you to purchase in season. Prawns and shellfish are generally not available from the beach and these may be purchased in Kilifi or given sufficient notice found and purchased by Bakari.

Coast houses are normally fine for wet swimming costumes but because this is also our home we do have leather dining chairs which are rather old and do better without wet bums. There are a few items of furniture that require a little more than gentle care so please treat them with the respect that age expects.

Swimming pool

The houses both have their own fresh water pools these are filtered by rotation and the sparkling water provides a lovely freshen up after the beach the pool temperature remains a very comfortable 26-28 deg. C throughout the year. There are fresh water showers next to both the pools to wash off beach sand.

Fine Food

Being right on the sea our diet is largely seafood. The vagaries of wind and tide determine exactly what and when we get particular types of seafood and our ethos has always been to enjoy whatever is fresh. Bakari and Selina both have a considerable repertoire of seafood menus and recipes and please feel free to discuss your preferences with them.


The Spa facilities are new for us and while Takaungu House is a haven of peace in its own right we feel sure that the Spa facilities offered will improve the experience.


The Houses are fully staffed to make your stay as comfortable as possible: The main man and your general advisor is Bakari he is also the main cook and is assisted by: Selina, Binti and Joseph, who alternate between both houses depending on how busy they are.
Salina's lemon sponge cake at teatime is legendary!
Steven and Wanja look after pools and Gardens Mama Chadi is another legend and keeps an eye on all of the above
Night watchman - Hussieni and Mwalimu.


The house is not suitable for the infirm or very young - the open staircase, deep swimming pool, cliffs, etc mean that anybody who stays at the house has to be reasonably able and careful and, above all, use their common sense. The owners and their agents take no responsibility for any accidents howsoever caused. Please see and read our terms and conditions of trade.