HistoryHistory of Takaungu


Takaungu in History: Extracts from Travels, Researches and Missionary Labours, by the Rev. Dr. J. L. Krapf. Trubner & Co., London, 1860.


At Takaungu I was told for the first time of the heathen Wanika of whom I there saw several belonging to the tribe Kauma, and heard with great interest that they were accessible to strangers, were agriculturists and traders, and that a stranger might travel among them without special danger, provided he wes furnished with a guide and companion from the suahilis of the coast.

Here, too, I met with the first mention of the country Jagga in interior, to the south west of Mombaz, as well as of Uniamesi, in whose territory there is a great lake. In short I acquired during my residence in Takaungu a bried knowledge of East-African geography and ethnography, as far as Mozambique and Madagascar.

These geographical data were, it is true, rather confused; but they were extremely usefule as points of departure in subsequent journeys and inquiries. I could not help feeling that it was under guidance of Providence that I had not been permitted to proceed at once to Zanzibar, but had been carried in the second ship to Takaungu.

In Zanzibar I could not have learned, heard, or seen nearly so much; and my movements on the coast would have shaped themselves quite differently; nor would the establishment of mission station have had Mombaz for its starting point....

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